Our Story

We at Aroma Reuse are simply coffee lovers, and sustainability is our key inspiration.

We're based in the heart of Sydney and we strive to share our passion for coffee, love of the environment and eye for design into an sustainable reusable brand. Our Plant-Based Reusable Coffee Cups are aimed at creating a beautiful cup, that will inspire people to avoid single use plastics, without compromising aesthetic or lifestyle. 

Aroma Reuse is a firm believer in spiritual and physical well-being. It is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle. It is designed to promote a healthy living and enhance everyday rituals. We wanted to highlight the humble coffee break and encourage you to reflect and check in with yourself at this time. After all, coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not rushed.

We use raw coffee grounds as the plant ingredients - this excites us! These raw materials are frequently burned, and are leftovers from food harvests. By giving these byproducts of the food harvest a second life in our coffee cups, we help farmers earn an additional source of income while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions by preventing them from being burned. Our end result is eco-friendly, long-lasting and recyclable. All our packaging is recyclable and compostable, and we have ensured that our shipping is carbon-neutral

Every Aroma purchase serves as a long-term solution to helping our planet - it directly eliminates single-use plastics waste from your coffee routine - we are so proud of this. We also proudly donate 1% of every purchase to help clean up our oceans.


Hope this helps give you an idea of our vision for Aroma Reuse.

We are super active on Instagram, come say hello and follow our journey. @aroma_reuse